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Uncovering hidden talent

We believe people are more than a list of requirements and a CV. We identify true alignment by assessing core behaviours, cultural preferences, values, and competencies. By assessing softer skills with a scientific approach, we find you the needles in the haystack who will make a real impact on your business.

Building a sourcing

Sourcing is time-consuming. Connecting people to the causes, cultures and teams they believe in is tough. heyya exists to make this connection seamless. Think of us as your personal talent sourcing assistant. We allow visionary companies to spend less time on sourcing and more time disrupting.

What we do

Starting conversations all over the world

A world of opportunity and possibilities comes from starting any conversation. heyya is helping technology driven companies discover more people who share their vision, values and dreams - regardless of their background or studies. We’re on a mission to build the world’s most efficient and customer-centric talent sourcing organisation.

Meet the team

We believe talent is a company’s greatest asset - including our own. Our experienced team takes a fresh, data-driven approach to sourcing to find you the talent you’re searching for fast.

Jonathan Millett Co-Founder & CEO
Luca Loscalzo Co-Founder & COO
Thomas Morton CTO
Henri Allen Customer Success Manager
Natalie White Talent Sourcer
Jose Ruiz Talent Sourcer

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